Can You Spot Whole Grains Inside The Market?

November 7th, 2012

Are you cognizant to the foods that you include in your everyday grocery list? Do you take time in scrutinizing the ingredients of each brand of food that you wish to buy? In case you search for the healthy foods inside the grocery, do you know that whole grains aren’t really whole? What to watch out for this type of food is important for you to know, so you can get the worth of your money.

Most markets today offer brands of whole grains only in their labels, but the truth is, these products are only comprised of 40% of whole grain. Do you feel deceived by it? Of course, you will feel that you have been fooled and will force you to demand some payback on it. However, even if you get the justice you want, is there an assurance that you will not suffer from this same experience again?

Below are some of the essential facts and information you must know about the whole grains you are purchasing:

  • Check the ingredients carefully. In case you will see wheat floor as its first ingredient, this mean that this brand is made from whole grains that have not yet been refined or enriched.
  • Whole grains are rich in fiber, which makes them slow to digest that the grains that are refine.
  • The fibers that are contained in whole grains are the reason behind the slow conversion of the body’s carbohydrates in glucose form, which keep the sugar level stabilized.
  • Make your own research about the whole grains, so you will know how to distinguish the genuine products from the pretentious brands.

After realizing the essential information about the whole grains, this will be a huge help for you the next time you will be in the market and doing your shopping chores.

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