Are You Familiar With Your Standing In The Healthy Eating Index?

November 7th, 2012

Where do you land on the healthy eating index? You might be confused with this question, especially if you have no knowledge about the term “healthy eating index.” So, in case you are interested with this subject and you want to provide the answer to this question, then allow us to give you the essential information about this matter which will enable you to determine where your place is on the healthy eating index.

The Healthy Eating Index is a tool that is created by the USDA with the purpose of determining whether one person is following the right diet or not and to see if he is free from any health related illnesses. This tool which has been developed by the USDA also aims to evaluate the quality of the diet that one is following, in order to determine whether he is facing the risks of suffering from premature death or cardiovascular illnesses.

To make you understand the Healthy Eating index more, we will provide you the list of the foods you need to eat as well as their servings:

  • Total fruits – 0.8 cups or more of fruits per 1,ooo calories consumed by your body
  • Whole fruit —  0.4 of this food for 1,000 calories consumed
  • Meat and beans – 2.5 ounces for every 1,000 calories consumed by the body
  • Sodium – less than 0.7 grams for 1000 calories consumed
  • Total grains – 3.0 ounces or more per 1,000 calories taken by your body
  • Whole grains – 1.5 ounces or more per 1,000 calories eaten by your body
  • Dairy – 1.3 cups or more per 1,000 calories taken by the body

What you have read are some of the figures that you will find in the Healthy Eating Index, which will help you determine and calculate which category you fall into this tool.

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